Virtual studio

We offer our standard keying studio size 12x6x4 (green screen). If necessary, we are able to enlarge this area or, conversely, build a completely real studio according to your ideas or dispositions. Studio fully equipped with technical equipment - the lights, sound, camera systems, projection technology, check-in systems.
In cooperation with you, we will choose the visual form of a virtual studio (which is almost unlimited) according to your ideas and we will brand it. The virtual studio is ideal for 2-6 panelists present directly in the studio, or/and other persons to remote access. During the presentations the form of the studio can be changed, is possible also to insert photos, videos… in fact anything :).

We also offer our voting system, which we implement directly into the live stream. The presenter can thus be in contact with the audience who they can directly see the results / questions, etc. on the virtual panels in the studio.
There is also a possibility of a hybrid form of conference, which connects events from a real world and the online space. This will allow access to those who are unable to physically attend the conference. Even these online participants may still be active during the virtual event.

  • complete transmission check-in solution, including overhead and editing
  • connecting of multiple debating persons
  • moderator in the studio (incl. the possibility when the moderator is remotely connected)
  • launch presentation in on-line broadcast
  • asking questions online
  • creation of a 3D virtual studio, including branding
  • captions and interactive graphics
  • broadcast on social networks or creating your own platform

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